Flight cases made to order in a wide range of colours. In commercial/waterprool ply. With aluminium extrusions.
Imported hardware & double angle/single angle sections to provide the strongest protection.

Light Weight Flight Case
Power Panel Flight Case
Transcase Light Cases Transcase Power Panel Case
Camera Rack Flight Case
Road Transport Flight Case
Transcase Camera Rack
Transcase Road Transport case
Sports Gear Flight Case
Xylophone Case Flight Case
Transcase Sports Gear case
Transcase Xylophone Case
Light Scanner Flight Case
Timpini Flight Case
Transcase Light Scanner Case
Transcase Timpini Case
Guitar Flight Case
Light Weight Road Transport Flight Case
Transcase Guitar Case
Transcase Light Weight Road Transport Case
M7 CL 48CL Mixer Flight Case
Receiver Rack Flight Case
Transcase M7 CL 48CL Mixer Case
Transcase Receiver Rack
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