Transcase: Flight cases for the professionals.
Flight cases made to order in a wide range of colours, in commercial/water proof  ply, with aluminium extrusions, imported hardware & double angle/single angle sections to provide the strongest protection. Transcase products are the end result of extensive efforts and long experience, making it the first choice in diverse Fields.

Custom made Flight cases for:- Sound & light equipment, Industrial Monitors, Tool Kits, Defense Equipment, Cameras, Rack Systems, Road Transport Musical Instruments, Sports Gear, DJ Workstations.
We work to accomodate your requirements and have a great team of skilled workers headed by a technical engineer who makes sure our cases are built to withstand. The clumsiest handling and the toughest weather conditions.

Our clientiele consists of a wide range of "blue chip" organisations, defence forces, film & television industries and musicians who Travel the globe.

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